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Caring for Senior Pets

Make Your Pet’s Senior Years Golden Advances in veterinary medicine and an increasing awareness by pet owners about the importance of their pet’s health care are contributing to pets living longer lives. While having your pet around for longer is wonderful, these added years can…

A Pet Owner’s Guide to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been here for more than a year, but many questions still need answers. While most COVID-19 research focuses on the disease in people, studies about COVID-19 and animals are also underway. COVID-19 is not likely to be eradicated, which means it…

Pain in Pets: Signs and Treatment Options

At some point during your pet’s lifetime, they will unfortunately experience pain, whether from an injury, surgery, or disease. Seeing your beloved companion suffer is heartbreaking, but did you know that many pets silently hide their discomfort? To help you more easily detect pain in…

Feline Focus: How to Speak Cat

Cats are mysterious creatures, and their behavior can be difficult to interpret, no matter how many years you’ve shared your home with a feline friend. To clear up misconceptions surrounding feline behavior, we’re busting a common myth wide open—cats are not generally disloyal and aloof….

Demystifying omegas: food for thought

Our pets are integral members of our family. They provide us with endless hours of love and happiness, so the least we can do in return is make sure they feel healthy and happy! But, despite our best intentions it can be difficult to know…

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