Welcome to a new era of pet health.

Welcome to a new era of pet health.

At Hale Animal Health we are committed to elevating the quality of life of every pet. Our scientifically formulated range of pet supplements are crafted from premium natural ingredients and backed by the latest animal health data.


Hale Animal - Vitality Plus products


Hale Animal Health have created a range of premium supplements for cats and dogs that will help keep your pets feeling at their very best.

All of our oils and extracts are carefully created and of the highest quality which means you can buy with confidence, knowing our products are backed by the latest scientific and medical data.

Why our customers love Vitality Plus


Daisy is eleven. She has an old injury which has left her with a limp and very sore joints. Anti-inflammatories meant she was often bound up and miserable. After a couple of months of Vitality Plus her coat is shiny again, she’s just generally a brighter and more comfortable dog. We’re really thankful for Vitality Plus!


We are on our 3rd bottle of it and I am about to order more. A few weeks ago she was weak, messing in the house which she never did, and non-responsive. After a few days of giving her the tonic she seemed to pick up. Today she was wagging her tail, following us around outside, and almost back to normal. So I can only say that we feel that the tonic is benefitting her.


We’ve really been enjoying the Hale Animal supplements. Elsa’s coat looks shinier and smoother, and we haven’t had issues with pulled muscles for a little while. So we are keen to keep using them to reap any other benefits.


We have been using this product for 3 months now and are seeing so many benefits.


About 2 years ago I was chasing a ball and accidentally popped out my knee cap. After that my knee came out on every walk at least once and someone would have to run over and put it back in. Mama tried SOOOO many supplements to help it, most of which kinda worked but were inconvenient to use and smelt REALLY BAD. Last year I was sent a box of Vitality Plus supplement and WOW!!! The marine extracts in it have been incredible for my joints, my knee rarely pops out now, maybe once every few weeks! Making it even better, it is so easy to just squirt on top of food, it doesn’t stink ANDD it’s YUMMM.



At Hale Animal Health, we are very particular about what we put in our products. We use premium natural ingredients, carefully chosen for their therapeutic qualities and backed up by data and science.

Many of the oils and plant extracts in our products are human grade quality and, like good Kiwis, we source all our materials from New Zealand wherever possible.



We are at the cutting edge of animal health and are currently working in partnership with Helius Therapeutics, New Zealand’s leading medical cannabis company. Together, we are developing a range of Cannabidiol (CBD) based prescription medications for pets.

The legalisation of cannabis by several countries has allowed scientists to uncover how cannabidiol or CBD works and provide evidence of its health benefits. We are incredibly excited to be one of the first animal welfare companies in the world to be conducting clinical trials and registering a CBD medicine for pets.

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